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Cleaning Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

We advised all customers to leave the surfaces uncluttered in order to spend the time for cleaning and not for removing items from one place to another. For example, make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink or that toys are collected from the floor.

We always use the vacuum cleaner, the mop and the bucket found in your home. For cleaning supplies and equipment, we gladly bring Kleffa’s own eco-friendly supplies to make sure you’re happy with the cleaning result. The Kleffa’s supplies are included in the service fee for 8 €.

We love cats and dogs! 🙂 Of course, but it is the customer’s duty is to make sure that the cleaner has peace to carry out the work. In addition, the pets are always customer’s responsibility.

All services are tax credit for household expenses-deductible! After tax deduction the hourly rate is about half of the original. For example, when ordering a weekly cleaning the hourly rate is only 15.20 €/h. You can read more about tax credit for household expenses here. If necessary, you can also get advice and answers to your questions from our customer service at 050 364 0500 or by email

We will notify you in advance if our cleaner is late and resolve the situation in the most appropriate way. The delay will not affect the cleaning time.
We recommend that you, along with a cleaner, go through the special features of your home during the first cleaning session so that he or she can take them into consideration when working. Don’t worry, our cleaners are professionals in their field and are also able to ask the things they need to know.
Of course, you can! However, we recommend that you give your cleaner peace to work and spend the time you save with your hobbies, for example. In other words, you can be at home or spend time elsewhere. It’s your decision!
Whether you chose to pay before or after cleaning, we will be sending an electronic invoice to your email which can be paid with your online banking. Note that each invoice has a timeframe of 14 days term of payment.
If for some reason you need to cancel the order, we will refund your full payment within two weeks of receiving the cancellation. Please note, in the case of cancellation is done less than two (2) full days before the cleaning the customer will not be refunded. Cancellations due to illness are refunded 100% provided that a medical certification is presented, and a notice of cancellation is given before the agreed start time of the cleaning.
Whether you choose to pay immediately or take advantage of the pay later option, you can be confident that the cleaning will be done as agreed. You will still have the chance to accept the cleaning after the work is completed, and we give you a full happiness guarantee. If the cleaning is completed within a shorter period of time, we will refund you the unused amount of time.