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The household deduction brings significant savings per year to the cleaning service subscriber. Read and learn about household deduction below!

Tax Credit For Household

Simply tax credit means that you can benefit of it with your personal taxes.

  • When you purchase services to your home, by claiming the tax credit for household expenses you’ll get 60 % of the service cost back. The credit treshold is 100 € per person.

  • You can use the tax credit for household expenses when you purchase cleaning services to your home or holiday apartment. (Note! You can also claim the tax credit if you purchase cleaning to your parents or grand parents home, but not to your kids homes.)

  • You’ll get the work done with a 60 % lower price, since government backs up the difference. This means that the service provider & cleaner gets a good compensation for the work.

Share the household reduction with your spouse

The household deduction is a personal deduction, and you and your spouse can receive a deduction totalling € 4,500 a year.

If you do cleaning with your spouse or partner for less than € 2,250, you can only claim the deduction for tax purposes if you wish. This way you only pay the deductible once. If the total value of your cleaning per year is more than 2,250 euros, you can split the bills as you wish and you can take advantage of the maximum household deduction.

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