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KLEFFA is the leading window cleaning company in Pori, offering professional window cleaning services in Pori, Ulvila, Harjunpää, Söörmarku, Noormarku, Vähärumaa, Pihlava and nearby areas. The price for window cleaning is 55 €/h.

Professional Window Washing Services Pori

Kleffa Cleaning Services is a reputable domestic window cleaning company serving customers in Pori and its surrounding area. We deliver exceptional window cleaning services and unbeatable customer service. Our experts and well-trained staff will do the work for you! We use the best brushes available to clean your windows safely. We will scrub clean your window frames and remove marks and stains from the frames and any type of residue left on the doors or windows. We take pride in our standard of window cleaning in Pori and won’t be beaten on quality or value for money. We are so confident in our service and the spotless finish that we offer 100% guarantees on all work undertaken. So, if you are not happy with your windows, we will come back and correct the problem.

Window cleaning information

  • Note that the windows must be unobstructed by furniture
  • To The windows can be max. 3 meters or less above ground and open inward and sideways with access to all layers
  • We will reschedule cleanings due to inclement weather
  • We bring cleaning supplies and detergents, but use the ladder and bucket found from your home
  • The window cleaning minimum duration is 2 hours

For window cleaning, the question we get most often is: what’s a pane?

This is important since it’s the main factor in our pricing! Fortunately, counting panes is simple.
A windowpane is a piece of glass separated by a divider. If you were to physically touch the glass and run your hand over it, every time you must lift up your hand from the glass to touch the next piece it is considered a separate pane.
For the best possible clean, we work one pane at a time. We scrub down each pane individually, making sure we get deep in the corners, and squeegee the glass. From there, we use a towel to detail all the edges of the glass and frame. Almost as much time is spent cleaning a small pane as a large one because of detailing. It takes time and effort, but the resulting gleam is more than worth it!